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With Our Exclusive Protect Me Service You Never Have to Worry While Using Your Computer Again!

What is the Protect Me service?

Protect Me is a multi-layered system in which your Computer Resource Center technicians manage all important aspects of your computer’s security, health, and performance. The heart of this system uses special software which allows Computer Resource Center’s technicians to personally monitor and manage your computer’s health and security on a daily basis. This special monitoring software allows us to update your Windows system and all of your most common programs like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Java, and others. CRC has partnered with SentinelOne to assist in personally watching over your computer to block ads, viruses, malicious tools, and other things to keep your computer running smooth without interruption.

How will Protect Me make my life better?

Just enjoy your computer and web surfing without worry! With Protect Me you can use your computer without the stress and hassle of navigating fake and potentially dangerous pop-ups and ads; this is because we are blocking those ads and updating everything for you. If a virus manages to get through our system, no worries, we will remove it free of charge! This includes doing it remotely too so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house. Since we are always monitoring your computer there is a better chance we can detect issues early on before they become larger, more costly problems. This will also minimize time without your computer.

How will Protect Me save me money?

  • Free unlimited virus removals:  if you get a virus while using our plan we will remove it for free and can even do so remotely!

  • Protect Me members also get up to 50% off our normal rate for additional remote support.


Call today to protect your computer and give
yourself peace of mind!

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