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SSD vs HDD Performance Test

One of the best ways to increase your computer's speed is to upgrade your hard drive. A hard drive upgrade is typically a 15-20% performance increase due to the fact that there are no moving parts. If you have a mechanical spinning hard drive, we recommend upgrading to a solid state drive for everyone of the repairs that we perform.

A solid state drive typically stores data on interconnected flash-memory chips. This eliminates the need for a spinning hard drive, which can reduce heat output and power consumption. Furthermore, hard drives tend to be one of the slower components in a computer system. Upgrading to an SSD can help to mitigate this bottleneck and significantly improve your overall system performance.

It is true that you will get more storage for your dollar with a traditional hard drive but we feel that the performance increase alone makes up for this

You can check out a side by side comparison using the exact same configured Dell PCs on our YouTube channel here

As always if you are experiencing sluggishness or feel that your system isn't performing like it should feel free to make an appointment or bring it in for a free evaluation at either our Rochester, MN or Inver Grove Heights, MN locations

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